Musings for the Wealthy and the Poor

Have you ever bought a stock that cratered 10% from the point of sale? I know I have.

Nobody knows where the markets will go. Most don’t even know what the stock market actually is. But I’ll try to explain it to you in the simplest way possible. Welcome to my musings. I hope you will stay for supper.

Latest Articles

The Truth Behind Your Terrible Performance>>

2022 has been a year tough year for any investor that hasn’t had any exposure to oil & gas or commodities. Outside of a few industries, anything other than the above mentioned stocks have experienced significant losses. In fact, if you own any company trading more that 5x sales, you’re most likely ready to file […]

The End of Meta?

Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), the artist formerly known as “Facebook,” reported their fourth quarter earnings on Wednesday. The result cost the company ~$230 billion in market value, equivalent to a 25% decline in the stock, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a personal loss of $30 billion in net worth. Slower growth, impacted by Apple, […]

Is the Market going to bounce?; What Should We Do?

Investors have been left feeling a bit uncomfortable as the Dow, the S&P and the Nasdaq, have been left in correction territory since the start of 2022. Emotions are kicking in, and stocks are experiencing the most outflows since March, 2020. #FinTwit is having a meltdown as half of its users believe the optimal time […]

How to “Beat the Market.”

Warren Buffet, considered by many to be the “greatest investor of all time,” constantly speaks about his investing style. “Buy wonderful businesses, at a fair price, and hold them forever.” Simple as that. That was the way I approached investing in 2021. With some savings, I started buying every great company that I could think […]


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